Winter Tips to Avoid Slip and Falls. Two Words: Wet Vac

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Are you ready for winter? If you don’t have yourself a wet vacuum, the answer to that is, “Heck no!” Winter weather can make keeping floors clean and dry tough, and that means an increased risk of slip and falls.

You can’t change the fact that wet, snowy boots are bound to leave puddles on the floor, especially in entryways. What you can do though, is remove the water as quickly as possible before someone takes a spill.

Break out the mop and “wet floor” signs, right? Again, heck no!

Truth be told, mops just don’t cut it. You’re using water to remove water - does that make sense? Um, heck no! Mops leave water behind so the risk for slip and falls is still high, even with a warning sign. Wet vacs to the rescue!

A wet vac and scrubber allows your staff to remove water completely and quickly, making entryways less hazardous and keeping them clean to boot. Take that Old Man Winter!

Now we know what you’re thinking...why not use a traditional vacuum to remove the salt, snow and debris dragged in from the outside? Well, you certainly can if you don’t mind destroying the motor. Regular vacuums aren’t built to have water run through them, but wet vacuums - well, the name says it all. Wet/dry vacs are made to remove water in addition to debris. They address slip and falls waiting to happen safely and without damaging equipment. It’s called the right tool for the job, and to get one - well, that’s simply a call to Pacific Floorcare at 800-968-1332. Not totally convinced? Don’t wait until a wipe out! Set up a free demo today before the snow falls - or anyone else does for that matter.

In the meantime, here are a few more tips to keep winter floors safe:

  • Encourage staff to keep the area outside business doors clear of ice and snow
  • Use absorbent matting both outside the entrance as well as inside the doors
  • Stay on top of it! Expect to clean the area several times throughout the day

Now you’re ready - bring on the winter! 

Get a free orbital scrubbing guide right here:


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