How to Maximize Battery Life and Minimize Downtime

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Go on, admit it. You’re constantly worried about battery life and the possibility of downtime. You are not alone! This common problem haunts every Director of Buildings and Grounds, Building Services Contractor, and Environmental Services Director out there! After all, downtime, otherwise known in the industry as the “D” word, is detrimental to getting jobs done, keeping employees productive, ensuring clients are happy, and time and money are not wasted.

So, how do you protect your battery, extend its life, and eliminate your worries? Well, the main reason behind battery breakdown is low water levels, so let’s start there.

It’s essential that equipment operators pay close attention to battery water levels and stop as soon as they notice low level conditions. Otherwise, you can pretty much bet on damaged equipment and that “D” word we mentioned above. This sounds easy enough, but is it? Operators are often intent on getting their work done and it may not occur to them to check or notice when water levels drop. Even if they do notice, they might make the mistake of thinking they can squeeze by on what’s left and finish up without filling up. And what about you? It’s tough enough to stay on top of everything, without adding water level management to the list! Ah, but not to worry - there is a solution to maximize battery life and minimize downtime. Whew! That’s a relief, huh? All you have to do is look for these features in a battery protection system to help keep your battery, your employees, and your equipment going strong:

  • A built-in, integrated system for easy maintenance
  • Automation to detect low water levels and alert operators
  • Mechanism to disable machine until water levels are safe
  • A way to add water that’s fast and foolproof

The trick is, of course, finding a product that checks all these boxes, but we can help with that too. Just give us a call at 800- 968-1332 and ask about battery protection. Better yet, download this info on BatteryShield® right now. We think you’ll find it helpful to maximize battery life, minimize downtime, and save time, money, and stress. Yes, the end of your battery blues is near.  

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