5 Ways Floor Machines Outperform Old-Fashioned Mops

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Old habits are hard to break. In fact, sometimes they’re like a comfortable relationship you know you should end but just can’t bring yourself to do it. Sure, your trusty old mop has been with you for years, but is it really getting the job done? Maybe it’s time you parted ways and started a new, more productive relationship with a floor machine. While that old mop might have been really something back in the day, let’s face it, today’s technologically advanced floor machines outperform old-fashioned mops in a number of ways.

  1. They save you time and therefore money.  This is especially apparent when cleaning large sections of flooring. Heck, you could do twice the number of jobs in the amount of time it takes to mop a single large floor space! That not only makes your customers happy, but your employees as well.
  2. They are safer. Mopping leaves water behind on the floor and until it dries,  there is an increased chance of a slip and fall. A floor machine, on the other hand, will remove water completely, reducing fall risk significantly.
  3. They just plain work better. Traditional mops tend to push dirt around, while a floor machine will thoroughly scrub and remove every speck of dirt transforming grimy floors to sparkling clean surfaces without a trace of dirt and grime left behind.
  4. You don’t have to change the water. No one likes to have to change their bucket of water over and over again, but the truth is, mopping requires you to frequently do so in order to keep water fresh. On the flip side, an auto scrubber floor machine uses a constant supply of fresh water so you don’t have to worry about changing anything. Bye-bye bucket!
  5. They don’t spread germs and infection. Mops may go from cleaning up a bathroom floor straight to a common area and if not rinsed and sanitized properly in between, this can present a huge infection control issue. Not a concern with floor machines. They’re like the antibiotic of industrial cleaning.  

When you consider all this, sure seems like that old mop of yours is pretty much washed up. It’s time for a change. Find out more about floor machines and how they can benefit you by giving us a call at 800-968-1332. Of course, we don’t just have to talk about it, we’ll be happy to show you! Schedule a free demo and see for yourself why you should break things off with your mop and fall for a new floor machine. Love at first sight - it happens all the time.

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