4 Reasons Orbital Scrubbers Make Employees Happy

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What keeps you up at night? For many supervisors, it’s keeping employees happy, productive, and, well, on the payroll.

When you have equipment that’s difficult to use and doesn’t get the job done, it’s frustrating for your work crew and a nightmare for you. Between time-consuming training, constant supervision, unsatisfied clients, and re-training new employees when frustrated ones leave, it’s no wonder you’re tossing and turning at night!

Well, wake up and smell the answer to your problems -- orbital auto scrubbers! Just look at the ways they can make employees happy:

  1. They’re easy to use. This makes for less frustration, less necessary supervision, and a smoother transition when bringing new team members on board.

  2. They’re quiet. Cleaning quietly allows you to work at any time without disrupting others around you. (which likely makes them happy, too!)

  3. They’re efficient. Saving time and money is kind of a big deal, and orbital scrubbers can do both by going from project work to daily cleaning without a hitch.

  4. They perform like a dream. Exceptional performance and efficiency mean an outstanding job with which employees can be proud and clients can be, you guessed it — happy.

Can’t you just picture your smiling, happy crew operating equipment without any assistance at all because it’s so easy to use?

Imagine your employees (and you) not worrying about a strict time frame for your cleaning schedule. That’s what happens when you have an orbital scrubber so quiet that it doesn’t disturb people in a workspace, patients in a hospital, or lessons being taught in a classroom.

Tired of maintaining multiple machines for different tasks? Say goodbye to the hassle of switching back and forth between equipment for daily cleaning and project work — an orbital scrubber can handle both jobs! In fact, it doesn’t just handle them, it knocks ‘em out of the park with the kind of performance and effectiveness you imagined was not possible.

The bottom line is, orbital scrubbers make employees happy and happy employees stick around, stay productive and need less supervision, all of which allows you to finally enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.  

Want to find out more so you can rest easy?

Download our free Orbital Scrubber Guide to learn all about your options.

Sweet dreams!

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