Smart​ ​Choices​ ​to​ ​Ace​ ​the​ ​Winter​ ​Mess​ ​Test

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Ah, that back-to-school clean - if only you could keep it up year round, right? That’s a tall order, though, when Old Man Winter releases his fury and hundreds of kids trudging through slush and salt burst through the doors, trample down the hallways, and venture inside the cafeteria, bathrooms, and (gasp!) the gym!

Should you…

A. Hide in the supply closet and wait for it to be over?

B. Work 24/7 to keep up?

C. Put together a strategy now to make smart choices for a winter mess you know is coming?

The answer is C of course! Keeping schools clean is tough, especially this time of year, but don’t sweat it. Just follow these tips to make a plan of attack, and you’ll pass the winter mess test with flying colors.

1. Prepare floors prior to winter’s wrath by putting down a quality finish and protective coating.

2. Doormats are your friend. Place absorbent, non-slip doormats both inside and outside doorways. They’ll collect some of the wetness and debris kids drag in from the outside.

3. Modify your schedule to include regular monitoring and mess management. Be sure to check prime problem areas often, like entryways, bathrooms, high traffic zones and the gym, so you can stay on top of clean up and avoid water and salt damage to floors.

4. When Old Man Winter is really in a nasty mood, plan on increasing the frequency of your cleaning efforts - don’t let him get the upper hand!

5. Clean out your auto scrubber often to keep it clear of damaging debris, residue, and bacteria. Better yet, break out the wet/vac! Wet/dry vacuums are made for exactly this sort of thing, and will get the work done with gold star results.

There - now that you’ve done your homework, you’re ready for whatever winter brings, and you can keep that back-to-school clean straight through graduation and beyond!

For help acing the winter mess test, just give Pacific Floorcare a call at 800-968-1332. They’ve got a new wet/vac that’s top of its class! Set up a free demo today - now that’s a smart choice!

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