4 Reasons Wet/Dry Vacs Should Be on Your Wish List

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‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, wintery weather, special gatherings, and wet, messy floors! With all the activity this time of year, winter floor care can definitely be tough - even tougher than shopping for that hard-to-please relative of yours!

If it’s up to you to ensure the floors are clean in educational, healthcare, or any other types of facilities, a wet/dry vac is a must-have, especially during the winter months! In fact, it should be at the very top of your wish list, and here’s why:

Wet/Dry Vacs can…

1. Help Prevent Slip and Falls

That’s a big one! You never want a person to step on a wet floor, fall and get hurt. As you know, it’s as important to keep floors safe as it is to keep them clean, and a wet/dry vacuum is exactly what you need to tackle both. Use it to pick up dirt and debris as well as water left behind by winter boots.

2. Innovation

This product has a molded-in cord strain relief, which eliminates virtually the risk of cord damage. It has a simple and effective front mount squeegee with pressure fit blades for high performance. It has multiple draining options, squeegee up/down pedal, an ergonomic handle and much more!

3. Ensure a Good First Impression

By keeping a wet/dry vacuum handy, you can easily keep up with your facility’s winter floor care and maintain a pristine, clean and sanitary appearance. That’s a big deal when you’re talking about a hospital receiving new patients, parents visiting a school, shoppers entering a store, or clients arriving at a facility.

4. Stay on Top of Spills

A dropped coffee by someone carrying too much, an unsteady cafeteria tray  -- let’s face it, accidental spills happen. But with a wet/dry vac, you can tend to the spill effectively and efficiently -- no one will even know it happened!

If you don’t have a wet/dry vac yet, make it a priority to get one as soon as possible! You’re on the “nice” list, right? You should have no problem at all. Especially if you give Pacific Floorcare a call and ask about the new WDV-18 Wet/Dry Vacuum available now! Just dial 800-968-1332. While you’re at it, download our free Orbital Scrubbing Guide for more tips to help you keep holiday floors clean and bright.

Winter has met its match.

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