The ABC’s of Keeping Every School Floor Surface Clean

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Sometimes it seems like there are just as many types of floor surfaces in a school than there are students! From tile in the bathrooms and cafeteria to hardwood in the gym, and carpet in the library, making sure all these types of floors get and stay clean can be quite the undertaking. However, just as having enough pencils and notebooks to cover your class schedule helps you to be prepared, doing your homework and having the right tools for cleaning every floor type will get you ready to put your skills to the test!

Here’s a study guide for cleaning school floors no matter where you are in the building:


Hallways, classrooms, cafeterias, and bathrooms typically sport some type of tiling. Auto scrubbers are the most effective and efficient way to clean, scrub, and dry these areas. Mini edger floor machines are specifically made for small spaces and can be helpful on stairs and baseboards, too.


Gym floors are super important to maintain. In the gym, use a mild cleaner and swap your mop out for an auto scrubber to get rid of built up residue from sweaty athletes and non-stop activities. In between these deep cleanings, remove dust with a microfiber mop that doesn’t need cleaner so as not to leave an oily residue behind. It’s also a good idea to place mats at gym entrances to help keep dirt and grime from being tracked inside. Finally, once a year, apply a protective coating after you clean -- sounds like a summer project to us!


Sometimes training rooms, pool areas, and other places in schools have rubber flooring. This can be maintained by vacuuming daily and cleaning regularly with a mild soap and floor machine or scrubber.


For carpeted areas, vacuums are obviously the go-to, but a wet/dry vac is especially great for doorways and locker rooms where kids bring the outside in and cause a dirty, wet mess.

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Extra credit: Download our free Orbital Scrubbing Guide for a little extra knowledge.

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