Floor Care Tips for a Bright New Year

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From shopping malls and grocery stores to school facilities and corporate offices, a whole lot of holiday hoopla has been going on -- you can tell just by looking down at the floors!

All the comings and goings and parties of the holidays can leave behind carpets and entryways that look, well, less than “merry and bright.”  Once the steady stream of shoppers dies down, clients go home, and Santa’s elves have left the building, it’s clean up time, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend half your New Year getting things back to looking their best. Just follow these floor care tips for cleaning high traffic areas, entryway floors, and other places where the holidays definitely left their mark.

Stains & Ground-in Dirt

A dropped grocery bag, holiday party spills, restaurant messes -- let’s face it, when we say the holidays can leave their mark, we aren’t kidding! Spills happen and consequently, so do stains, but cleaning them as soon as possible can minimize the problem.

Similarly, high-traffic areas that tend to end up with ground-in dirt can be managed with regular upkeep. However, the holidays often throw a wrench into quick action and regular routines. Break out an extractor! These amazing cleaning machines will extract even the deepest, embedded dirt in carpets, then use a powered scrub brush, hot water and cleaning solution to leave the carpet looking fresh and new -- like the New Year!

Wet & Weathered

Snow and salt are my best friends, said no flooring ever! Outside elements carried in can leave hardwood floors especially wet and even stained. Sounds like a job for a wet/dry vac! This will extract any liquid and dirt, then clean up after itself, which is more than you can say about most holiday shoppers and party goers!

Scuffs & Grimey Grout

Boots and shoes can leave more than snow and salt behind -- they can leave scuff marks too! Orbital scrubbers are a great solution, for not only scuffs, but grout with grime and dirt stuck to it too. That’s because orbital scrubbing technology has the ability to clean down deep, quietly, easily, and efficiently. Plus, you can match the scrubbing pad to the job at hand.

And would you look at that? You’re done already. That probably took less time than wrapping presents. If you have any questions or would like more tips and information, call Pacific Floorcare at 800-968-1332. You can also download this helpful orbital scrubbing guide. One last gift, and it’s for you!

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