Key Components to Keeping Hospital Floors Clean

Making the right choice in cleaning products and equipment is crucial when it comes to ensuring clean and germ-free hospital floors that are safe for patients, visitors and staff. However, the way you use the products and equipment - in other words, the cleaning practices and processes you put in place -  is just as vital. Here are some key components to consider when clean and safe floors are of the utmost importance:

Combatting Cross-Contamination

One of the main challenges for healthcare facilities is protection against cross contamination. To prevent and control the spread of any infection or virus, it’s a good idea to color-code your tools for specific areas of use. 

Also, mops are often the biggest culprits of transporting bacteria to various areas throughout a facility. If you must use a mop, make sure to use two buckets - one to hold your water and diluted cleaning product, and another to rinse and wring out the mop so that no dirt or contaminants are introduced into the cleaning solution. 

Better yet? Switch to a scrubber or floor machine with changeable pads that eliminate the risk! 

Knowing Where to Start and Finish

It’s tempting to address high-traffic areas like doorways, bedsides, and bathroom floors first since these are most frequented and thus possess the greatest likelihood of dangerous bacteria being present. However, it’s best to instead work from cleanest to dirtiest in order to lower the chances of spreading dirt and germs from the dirty area to the cleaner one. 

Keeping Air Quality in Mind

What good are clean floors if you’re not keeping the air clean too? Harsh chemicals can not only be harmful to skin, but they can also cause nasal and throat irritation, difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea and more. Can you get floors hospital-standard clean without chemicals? If you use Pacific Floorcare cleaning systems, you sure can! Our orbital scrubbers remove dirt and grime chemical-free, getting floors deep-down clean while keeping the air safe to breathe. As an added bonus, our machines are as quiet as they are effective, so cleaning can happen at anytime without disturbing patients. 

With features like high filtration, low noise, superior cleaning performance and chemical-free finish removal, Pacific Floorcare products are purpose built and designed to tackle all types of floors, including those found in healthcare facilities. From your waiting area to patient rooms to surgical centers and more, we’ve got your floor cleaning needs covered. Want some proof? Schedule a demo or just give us a call at 800-968-1332 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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