How Orbital Scrubbing Increases Sales

Psst...I’m your dirty floor. And you know what I’m telling customers when they come in? “Don’t shop here! If they can’t even keep their floors clean, imagine what else is dirty. They must not care a whole heck of a lot about you if they don’t even care about their floors.”

On the other hand, when I’m clean I’m in a much better mood. I tell people, “Come on in - this is a great place to shop! They not only keep things clean and organized, but also really care about making sure your experience here is awesome.”

Okay, so floors don’t actually talk, but just think about what they silently say about your store. If you want to make a good first impression, want your store to be inviting and want customers to come back again and again (cha-ching, cha-ching), well, clean floors obviously are a must. So how do you get them really, really clean to increase your customers and thus your sales? Pacific Orbital Scrubbers, of course!

Our S-20 and S-28 auto scrubbers feature our patented Orbital Technology, for a deep down clean you can’t get with any other machine, no matter how hard you try! Who wants to try hard anyway, when you can opt for Pacific auto scrubbers that are easy to use and maintain? Plus, they can strip floors chemical-free!  

For daily scrubbing of floors, aisles, and entryways; down-deep cleaning of grout and porous floors; quick and quiet cleanup of spills; detail and edge cleaning, and more, Pacific orbital scrubbers can help your store look it’s absolute best. Learn how our orbital scrubber has helped others by visiting our testimonials page, or better yet, give us a call to schedule a demonstration so you can see for yourself how orbital scrubbers can indeed increase your sales!


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