5 Fantastic Features That Make Our Uprights Out of Sight

Can vacuums have super powers? The Pacific V12ES and V15ED uprights sure do! The dynamic duo sets the standard for carpet cleaning capabilities. Both the 12 & 15 inch models are designed to deliver simplicity, durability and superior productivity. Here’s how:

1. Healthy HEPA Filtration

Unlike most other vacuums, ours can be equipped with true HEPA filters off the final exhaust that remove 99.97% of all particulates in the air.

2. Excellent Ergonomics

The low profiles, adjustable handles and onboard tools, including telescopic handle and wand, stretch hose, and crevice tool, offer the operator unmatched ergonomics for high efficiency and productivity. The 1.63 lb. handled weight drastically reduces operator fatigue.

3. Performance Protection

These vacs are built to withstand the rigors of professional use with a patented clutch system, electronic overload control for equipment protection, and a lifetime warranty on the cogged belts.

4. Consistency You Can Count On

For super clean carpets, consistent performance is key, and that’s exactly what you can expect from the V12ES and V15ED! Both have 2 rear wheels and a 2 swivel wheel stance that provide a consistent and even brush head contact with the carpet. The 5,000 rpm dynamically balanced patented brush provides exceptional recovery.

5. All Variations of Commercial/Institutional Carpet Floors

The V in our V12ES and V15ED uprights may stand for vacuum, but it could easily stand for versatility as well! From educational facilities, daycare, office buildings, convention centers, acute care and long-term care medical facilities, if you want to protect your initial investment, contact us to learn more, or better yet, schedule a demo today!

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